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Italian citizenship and naturalized people: can they recover it?

Many people have asked us whether the  judgment of the Court of Cassation No. 4466/2009, permitting women who were married to  foreign citizens to reacquire their Italian citizenship, has also consequences in favour of those persons who have lost their citizenship by naturalization in another State, as well as their descendants.

In effect, with the enactment of the Reform of  Italian Citizenship Law of 1992, in principle not only the child or a descendant of an Italian citizen is himself or herself an Italian citizen jure sanguinis, but also all persons of the same ancestry and who have Italian traditions, language and culture in common. From this standpoint, descendants of a citizen who naturalized abroad (voluntarily or involuntarily) at the time of widespread emigration, are equal in all respects to those citizens who (only by chance or good-luck) did not apply to be naturalized in the State to which they emigrated.

In many cases, using certain circumstances, it is possible to recover Italian citizenship also for descendants of Italian citizens who asked for naturalization abroad.

In fact, not always naturalization in the foreign Country  involves the loss of Italian citizenship, but every situation is different, so it must be examined case by case

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