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The Law Firm of 

Marco Pepe

Address: 4, via Tuscolana , 00182 Rome - Italy

Telephon   number:   +39 067011977 

Mobile Telephone Number:   +39 3477185620 - +39 3935454916

website:        www.marcopepe.it

 email : mpepe@tiscali.it 


Marco Pepe is Lawyer practising in Rome, Italy. He received his law degree from the University of Rome in 1979 and was admitted to the Rome BAR  in 1983.
His areas of practice are Civil Law, Immigration, Citizenship, Family law, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law 
 Others partners in his Office practise  Commercial Law,  Criminal Law.
 Partners and collaborators in USA, Argentine, Brasil, Romania, Russia, China.  
Languages: Italian, English

                        (Alessandro  Magno, La battaglia di Isso)

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