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Marco律 师公司                     

地址: 4, via Tuscolana , 00182 Rome - Italy

公司电话: +39 067011977 

移动电话:   +39 3477185620 - +39 3935454916                                                                                                                                  

网址: www.marcopepe.it

邮 箱: mpepe@tiscali.it

中国地区联系人:MRS CATTINA(肖 敏丽)女士,可以发中文邮件到   NASHEEP18@163.COM.

Marco Pepe是 来自意大利罗马的律师,1979年 罗马大学获得律师博士学位,并 且在1983年 获得罗马BAR认 证.

Marco律师公司的业务范围有民主法律, 移 民法, 公 民法,家 庭法,商 业法,公 司法,以 及进出口交易法.在 美国,阿 根廷,巴 西,罗 马尼亚,俄 罗斯,中 国都有合作公司.

语 种有:意 大利,英 语,中 文


The Legal Firm of Marco Pepe  

Address: 4, via Tuscolana , 00182 Rome - Italy

 The Old Map         

Telephon   number:   +39 067011977 

Mobile Telephone Number:   +39 3477185620 - +39 3935454916

website:        www.marcopepe.it

 email : mpepe@tiscali.it

Corrispondent in China Mrs. Cattina, you can write in chinese or english language to email nasheep18@163.com

China address:  c/o Mrs. Cattina, Lingnan industrial Area, Shiling Town, Huadu district, Guangzhou,  China. Tel: 0086-13480241748


Marco Pepe is Lawyer practising in Rome, Italy. He received his law degree from the University of Rome in 1979 and was admitted to the Rome BAR  in 1983. (p.iva 06062670580)
His areas of practice are Civil Law, Immigration, Citizenship, Family law, Commercial Law, Corporation, import-export. 
 Partners and collaborators in China, USA, Argentine, Brasil, Romania, Russia..  
Languages: Italian, English, Chinese

 La grande muraglia cinese  - The great wall of China